Garage Door

12/27/2018 - Openers 101

The second part of our Master Class for Garage Doors and Openers is about the drive systems and opener Systems...Read more»

Garage Door

12/13/2018 - Garage Doors 101

Garage doors may seem simple to operate and control; however, there are some things that you may not know...Read more»

Frozen Shut

11/29/2018 - Windows Vs. No Windows

When it is time to get a new garage, there is one feature you might want to consider; windows or no windows...Read more»

Frozen Shut

11/15/2018 - Is Your Garage Door Frozen Shut?!

Midwest winters are crazy and unpredictable and can cause issues from time to time. This includes having your garage door freeze shut...Read more»

Organize Your Garage

11/1/2018 - Top Five Benefits of a New Garage Door

Garage doors are generally pretty durable and last the suggested lifetime.  There does, however, come a time when all things need replacing, even if taken care of properly...Read more»

Organize Your Garage

10/18/2018 - Your Garage has a lot of Potential

There all comes a time when things start to pile up and we start running out of room in closets, basements, or spare rooms... Read more»

Winterize your Garage Door

10/04/2018 - Winter is Coming...

Midwest winters can be brutal, especially for those things that can freeze due to extreme temperatures, one of them being your garage door... Read more»

131 192 Walnut W Lites After Th

09/20/2018 - Fall Showcase of Homes:Featured Home Series

This weekend wraps up this seasons Fall Showcase of Homes so be sure to get your tickets at one of the multiple locations around Brown County... Read more»

Home 7 Th

09/13/2018 - Fall Showcase of Homes:Featured Home Series

Over the course of September, we will be featuring homes that are available for viewing in the BCHBA’s Fall Showcase of Homes. Check out the locations.. Read more»

House 26 Th

08/30/2018 - 2018 Fall Showcase of Homes

It is that time of year again! The Fall Showcase of Homes is right around the corner and many of our amazing doors will be there for your viewing.  Read more»


08/16/2018 - Look Out! Scammers are Everywhere

When it comes time to repair your garage door, you need someone you can trust right? With today’s technology scams are easy to formulate and happen on the daily to a lot of people... Read more»


08/02/2018 - The History of the Garage Door

The garage has been around for quite some time now, developing over the years to include the garage doors we see today... Read more»

Garage Door Safety

07/19/2018 - Garage Door & Operator Safety

Understanding the importance of safety is important in any activity that you do, whether it be riding a bike, mowing the lawn or any sport that one might play... Read more»

All Window-195

07/01/2018 - All Window Option for Thermacore® 195

The Thermacore® Collection is a collection of premium insulated garage doors that provide the highest level of thermal efficiency... Read more»


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