Look Out! Scammers are Everywhere

Garage door scams

Look Out! Scammers are Everywhere

When it comes time to repair your garage door, you need someone you can trust, right? With today’s technology, scams are easy to formulate and happen on the daily to a lot of people. That is why we appreciate your business and loyalty to Overhead Door Company of Green Bay.

Scam Warning Signs

It’s important to understand the warning signs of a scammer, and being aware of their tricks could save you time and money. To help you save that time and money, here are a few tips on how to recognize a scammer.

Advertising: Most of the time, you come into contact with a scammer through advertising.  Scammers are often targeting those who are in need of emergent repair. It’s important to recognize the marketing of a garage door repair scammer. First, look at the company name closely. Wrongful companies will, more often than not, operate under many names that are generic and unclear. This confuses customers on what the company name actually is, and then when realizing that they have been ripped off, it’s hard to locate the company. Also look for a specific street address. Scammers rarely have a specific address for customers. If an ad does happen to have an address, check it on a map to see if it is a legitimate address and business.

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Who are they? If your garage repair person shows up to your house in an unmarked vehicle, without a uniform or any indication of who they work for, that in itself should be a warning sign. Most companies have at least one of the above indications when they are working in the field.

Prices: When it comes to prices for any type of service, there will always be similar price tags for different companies. Don’t get fooled by the ridiculously low prices or the incredibly high prices. You will often spend more money later by initially spending less.

"That’s a lot of work!" If a technician tells you that they need to replace all parts or even the whole garage door, it might be wise to get a second opinion. You may have a relatively simple repair job, but a dishonest company may convince you that you need more than what you originally called for.

Lifetime Guarantees: A lifetime guarantee sounds all fine and dandy, but it can also be a red flag of scam. The trick they like to play is to install a part they know will fail, and then honoring that lifetime guarantee, replace that part for free, but attach a huge service charge for the reinstallation.

Why Me?

However, there are still two main reasons as to why consumers become a victim of garage door repair scams.

The first is that they often need service right away, which often means they call the first company they can find and don’t look for a reputable local company. The second is that scammers take extra advantage of the lack of knowledge a homeowner might have about their garage door and the repairs needed. This part goes for other things as well; knowledge is power.

So you may ask, “Is it legal for them to do this?”  Overcharging is not necessarily illegal, but scammers often use false advertising and wrongful practices to get the money out of your pocket and into theirs.

Being aware of some things that false companies may pull can save you a headache and, of course, money. A quick Google search may be beneficial to look at customer reviews online, if available.

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