Common DIY Garage Door Installation Pitfalls


Common DIY Garage Door Installation Pitfalls

With many still at home or spending more time at home, DIY projects are at their peak. Whether you are building a new desk or updating your patio area, DIYs can have their complications. That’s why, while DIY projects can be amazing, it’s important to remember that not all projects should be tackled on your own – and that includes garage door installation.

Saving Money Isn’t Always the Way to Go

While doing DIY projects can save you money and give you a sense of accomplishment, installing your own garage door may result in something else. Garage door installation has a lot of steps that all cohesively work together, and missing a step or doing one incorrectly can result in damage and additional expenses. The internet does provide plenty of videos and literature on how to do this yourself, to make sure it is done correctly, we suggest a certified technician install it for you.

Consider the Entire Space in Your Garage

Because garage doors are not installed often, this DIY will probably be the first and last time you would need to do it. Most do not realize they need to consider the interior placement of things before installation. For example, the garage door opener needs to be in the exact center of the garage door and if a light or other object is in the way, this would be impossible. The only solution to this problem is to move light fixtures and rewire them. It is never recommended to install the opener off center.

Proper Alignment Can be Tricky

Making the decision to off-center your opener will affect the function of your door. Error in alignment can cause your garage door to twist when it opens and closes. This will cause damage to the entire unit. In the long run, it will save you money to have a professional install your door, to make sure it is aligned correctly.

Using Nails to Install the Tracks

Some will try to save even more money by using nails instead of screws to install the garage door tracks. Using the incorrect hardware could cause damage and injury. Because the doors put so much stress and strain on the track, nails can be easily pulled out.

Trust our Experts

Overhead Door Company of Green Bay has been serving Northeast Wisconsin for fifty years, so we have the knowledge and the professionals to get the job done correctly. Therefore, trust our experts and give yourself peace of mind that your garage door is properly installed to keep you and your home safe.



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