Sign of the Times: Knowing When to Replace your Weather Seal


Sign of the Times: Knowing When to Replace your Weather Seal

Your weather seal is an important part of your garage, as it ensures to keep more confortable air in and critters and debris out. That is why it is also important to know when it is time for replacement.

Late summer is the perfect time to think about making your annual service appointment to have the weather seal inspected and if needed, discuss the option to replace it. It becomes difficult to replace once the temperature is below 40 degrees. The material will not be pliable enough to get a good seal, and therefore labor will be doubled because of it. We also don’t want your new weather seal to crack or split when the tech is trying to nail the perimeter of the seal to the jamb, and this tends to happen when it is too cold.

Here are a few signs telling you that you need to replace your weather strip.

Physical Damage

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When you do your yearly maintenance checks, be sure to inspect the weather seal at the bottom of the door as well as around the perimeter. If it is time to replace it, you will see it. They will look worn, have cracks or will be brittle, meaning it’s time for replacement.


If you notice more debris like leaves, dirt or other objects that should not be in your garage, this can be a sign that be the weather seal is not sealing your garage door enough. This includes water. If your seal isn’t functioning the way it needs to be, water from rain and melted snow can make its way inside.


Often times, when doors are not sealed properly, you can feel the draft and hear the howling sound of it. A draft in your garage isn’t totally abnormal, but if it is worse than usual, it may mean the weather seal has damage or is misaligned, causing a larger draft.


Weather seals are used for more than just keeping out the debris and helping your garage to maintain a certain temperature. Little animals can make their way into your garage to cause damage if the seal is not working correctly.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

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If you do not have a weather seal, getting one is advised. Having a weather seal can lower your monthly energy bill. Due to its nature to help keep out extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, it helps cut down on the cost to heat and cool your home.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or other issues you wish to discuss with a certified technician, contact us for an overall comprehensive inspection to assure you that your weatherseal is in good condition and that your garage door is in the best shape it can be for winter.


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