Most Common Garage Door Problems

Garage Problems

Most Common Garage Door Problems

Things can go wrong with items you buy. After some time, those items are going to need maintenance to continue to function properly. Garage doors are not all maintenance-free. They need some minimal yearly care in order for them to continue to keep your car and items safe from the elements.

Here are a few of the most common garage door issues that you might have, reasons they happen, and how to fix them.


Over time and use, garage doors can become noisy. This can happen for a few reasons: the door is not properly lubricated or needs adjustment, there is loose or broken hardware, or the operator may have an internal gear issue. If it’s a scenario where you have squealing/squeaking noises, then try lubricating the tracks, rollers, and hinges with motor oil. Do NOT use WD-40, as it is a degreaser and can actually makes the issue worse.


This is also a common occurrence with wood doors over time. Warping can eventually lead to the door not opening fully or not at all. This can sometimes be rectified by adding reinforcement bars (struts) that are installed horizontally across the width of the section or sections. By doing so, this will prevent further warping and damage to the door sections. New doors, including wood and steel, are engineered with the proper reinforcement struts for maximum strength and durability.

Operating Issues

There are several reasons as to why your garage door won’t operate properly. If your door fails to open or only opens partially, it could be a broken spring, broken cable or an operator gear that is going bad. If it isn’t responding to your remote control, you could have a weak or dead battery that needs to be replaced. If it is not responding to the wired wall control inside the garage, check to make sure that lock button hasn’t been inadvertently engaged (if equipped). This will also lock out any remote controls as well. If the door won’t close, this could be a safety sensor issue. Check to see if the sensors are properly aligned and all wiring is connected at both the sensors and powerhead. If the door closes all the way to the floor and reverses, that is a limit setting issue that needs to be reset. If you have your homeowners manual for the operator, there is typically a trouble shooting section that will assist you through the issue.

With recommended annual maintenance, issues like these can become less common. Be sure to schedule an appointment with one of our certified garage door technicians to ensure you get the most out of your door and operator.  


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