How to use the DoorView Garage Door Designer

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How to use the DoorView Garage Door Designer

There are many roads to walk down to get to a finished garage door that will fit and feel right for your house. Which one do you want to take? The following example is a home built for the 2017 Fall Showcase and we are going to walk you through the process of how to get from start to finish without it being stressful and overwhelming. Feel free to pull up the software and follow along as you read.

There are essentially 5 steps to designing a door.

  1. Choose a Panel Style
  2. Choose a Color
  3. Choose a Window Style
  4. Choose your Hardware
  5. Choose your Opener

Each of these steps has options and restrictions depending on what you choose, but with the DoorView Garage Door Designer, things are made easy.

The door we are going to create is called Thermacore Series 198 Door with Stockbridge II 4 Lite Double Windows.

Choose a Panel Style

First, choose your garage door style. For our example we will select a more traditional Long Panel. You can change how insulated the door is and the wind load in the next options area. We chose the Themacore Steel Long Panel Model 198.

After choosing the style and model, this is where you can really customize the door to your wants and needs.

The first step in customizing your garage door is by choosing a door size. Each model will have different options as to how big or small a door is able to be. You will need to measure your house to see what size you require. For this example, we will choose Double 16’x8’.

Choose a Color

Next is color. We chose traditional White.

Choose a Window Style

The next step is to choose what window style you want. Remember, each model may only allow certain styles and glass types. However, be sure to try out the different glass types on your door. You also have the option of choosing whether the windows will go on the 1st of 2nd row of your garage door. For this example, we are choosing the 1st row.

For the door we are designing, we chose the Stockbridge II 4 Lite Double for a modern yet still traditional garage door feel.

Next is glass type. There are a few glass types to choose from. Some will have more options than others. For this door, we have the options of clear, obscured and bronze tinted. Clear windows will allow you to see details of the things that are in the garage with natural like, obscured windows will allow you to make out the shape of things in the garage, but not necessarily the details and bronze tinted will be similar to clear, but with a different tint. This is a personal preference choice, for this example we chose clear.

Choose Your Hardware

If you would like to dress up your garage door, you can then decide on the hardware. These options are decorative and entirely up to you. The many options allow you to mix and match or pair the hardware with the type of door that you want. You can choose hinges, lift handles and/or pull handgles. In our example, we went with an arrow lift handle and an arrow pull handle. Once you choose the type of hardware, you can choose a scenario for your door as to where you want the hardware to be placed. For the lift handle we chose Scenario 2, which is one piece of hardware in the center bottom of the door. For the pull handle, we chose Scenario 1, which is two pieces of hardware placed in between two panels on both sides of the door.

At any point when you are designing your door, you may choose, to apply your door to your home by uploading a picture or by using the preloaded home photos. This option allows you to see the door you designed right on a home to view the whole picture.

Remember to save your door design, so you can come back and change the details later. Or if you are ready to order your custom designed door, you can print or email the details so you have them when you visit us.

Ready to create your own door? Click the link below to use the DoorView Garage Door Designer or get the DoorView app for free in the App Store.

 DoorView Garage Door Designer



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