It’s more than just a garage, it’s an extension of your home

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It’s more than just a garage, it’s an extension of your home

More often than not, the garage is only used for storage and parking your vehicle. However, your garage can be used for so much more than that! After all, this space is a part of your home. Here are a few ways to maximize the potential of one of the biggest open spaces of your home.

At-home Gym

Depending on the size of your garage, an at-home gym set up may be a great way to fill the space and open up some room inside your home! Putting all of your gym equipment in one spot is handy, and being able to organize and store your gym equipment is also equally as important. If you have free weights, exercise bands, a treadmill and other equipment, think about how you want to assemble your at home gym. The wall space and side of your garage will be key in making this transformation happen. Treadmills and weight benches are easily foldable and will store nicely against the wall when they are not in use. Additionally, for all the dumbbells, free weights, and other equipment, use command hooks, peg boards and other wall mounting systems or shelves for easy access when you need them.

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Summer Party Area

When it’s time to gather the family or the neighbors for a party, be sure to include the garage as a main space for the party. This is also a good alternative if you have limited back yard space or no outdoor patio. Make this into the ultimate party space by pulling up some lawn chairs, a few tables and a grill. If you plan to have parties often, having wall-mounted foldable tables might be something to consider. They are easy to set-up and tear down, and they won’t take up a lot of space when the party is over.

Garage Scam1Mechanic's Dream

The garage is intended for cars and trucks, so if you like fixing and modifying your machines, then converting your garage to be an at home repair shop might be the way to go. When deciding to do this, you must remember that you do not want clutter. One way to keep away the clutter is to have a wall-to-wall work station. This allows you to have a lot of work space, while also being able to have shelves and drawers for easy access to all the tools you need. Something else that might be useful to you is to have those shelves and drawers on a rolling cart. That will allow you to rearrange and have your tools right next to you when working on your car or motorcycle.

There are so many options for this space to be utilized, it just depends on what you want. However, make sure that your garage door is in the best shape it can be by making a maintenance appointment with us.





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