Reasons to Consider a Keyless Entry for your Garage

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Reasons to Consider a Keyless Entry for your Garage

There are many improvements that come along with the modern garage door, one of them being the option of a keyless entry garage door opener. This system has several benefits for you to consider. Not only will this opener raise your door, it locks it for you as well. If you are thinking about getting a keyless entry here are a few reasons why it will be a worthwhile buy.

No Keys, No Worry

One of the most beneficial things about a keyless garage is that you don’t have another key to weigh down your keyring. This also reduces the stress if you happen to lose your keys. A keyless entry functions through the use of a number pad or mobile application.

Changing Locks isn’t a Hassle

If you run into a situation where you suspect that someone has unauthorized access, the process to change your locks is usually long and costly. If you have a keyless entry you can actually change your “locks” in seconds. This is accomplished with a personalized key code that can be changed at any time, at your convenience.

Temporary Codes for Temporary Access

If you are an online shopper or have guests arriving when you are not home, you have a few options with a traditional opener. You can stay home, have someone be at home at all times, arrange your package pick-up for somewhere other than your home or let them leave it at your doorstep and hope no one takes it before you do.  All these options involve a lot of planning and inconvenience for all parties involved. However, instead of having to make special arrangements for these types of things you can set up a temporary code for each situation. This allows you to have the security you need to keep your belongings and packages safe, while not making your guests wait in the cold or heat either.

Making the Convenient Choice

Additionally, another great tool you can add in addition to your keyless entry door system is the Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere® Technology. OHD Anywhere® allows you to control your garage from almost anywhere with a cell or wireless signal. It's is a sensor that is attached to the garage door, which is an important security add-on that alerts you when your door position changes. This can be installed with any compatible garage door opener, even one that was not purchased from Overhead Door. This system allows you to check if your garage door is open or closed, open it for the delivery man, and to see if someone is attempting to operate the garage door, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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