Garage Door & Operator Safety

Garage door safety

Garage Door & Operator Safety

Understanding the importance of safety is essential in any activity that you do, whether it be riding a bike, mowing the lawn or any sport that one might play. The same goes for garage doors and openers. The following information will help you better understand safety for you, your family, and your garage door.

How does a Garage Door Operate?

Your garage door is a large, spring-supported door, whereas garage door openers regulate the open and close functionality of the door by either a wall-mounted switch or a signal generator. However, due to the stress of everyday opening and closing, things will need to be replaced at some point over the course of the lifespan of your door. If a part of the garage door becomes a problem, it can cause some safety issues and how well the door works overall.

Quick Facts about the Dangers of Garage Doors

  • Garage doors are often the largest and heaviest objects in motion in a home.
  • Garage doors are accountable for approximately 20,000 hospital visits each year according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • The most common injury caused by a garage door is pinched fingers.

Warnings Signs from your Springs

It is also important to understand that no matter how safe a garage door may be designed to be, the springs may still cause potential danger over time. Here are some reasons why a door spring might fail:

  1. Fatigue: This is the most common reason a door spring might fail. Most doors are designed to survive 10,000 cycles or around 7 years if you use your door 4 times daily.
  2. Rust & Corrosion: Rust & Corrosion are another fairly common cause of spring fails because rust deposits as a result of the lack of maintenance. The rust weakens the metal, which then results in unexpected errors in the spring that can cause injury if not replaced. Due to this reason, we recommend that a yearly maintenance inspection is done.
  3. Incorrect Springs: Each garage door has specific springs for the best functionality. When it is time to replace the springs, make sure that they are the correct ones for your specific door and that a certified technician replaces them. If they are incorrect, they will break down more easily, and fail quicker, which in turn will cost you more money.
  4. Poor Maintenance: The better you take care of something the longer it will last. Lubrication and balance are important for a functioning garage door. Test the balance of your door by lifting or opening the door to its halfway point, then release or stop. The door will stay still if it is well balanced. If you notice any problems, contact us for a service request to make sure that they are in proper condition and you don’t end up stuck in your garage.


Outside of a total maintenance check, it is important to do monthly checks to the door and all of its parts for any signs of detrimental wear. We suggest that you do not alter or repair the springs yourself, because the springs are held under really high tensions and can break unexpectedly, which can cause serious injury or even fatality. If you see anything that may cause harm it is important to call for a full maintenance check for further inspection and possible repair.

Don’t allow children to play or use garage door controls. You should not stand or walk under a garage door while it is opening or closing. It is especially important to be an example to children and to teach them about garage door safety to prevent injury. Always remember safety first!

Hands and feet should not be by pulleys, hinges and springs, or the intersection points between door panels. A closing door can crush body parts easily if they happen to get trapped between them.

The automatic reversal system is something that may need to be adjusted. Spring flexibility will change depending on the temperature, so it is important to adjust it accordingly. This service should only be performed by a trained garage door technician.

Keep debris or other things away from the photo electric sensor so that the door may function properly. Also, do not leave a door partially open; when closing again, it may move down and hit an object in its way.

Overall, remember to check how well the door is working on a monthly basis and if things aren’t working as they should, call us to service the door.

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