Making Your Garage Sale a Success


Making Your Garage Sale a Success

Summer is in the air, and along come outdoor activities, BBQs, and garage sales! We all know that things tend to accumulate over the winter, so if you plan to have a garage sale to clear out all the unused or older items in your garage and home, we want to make sure that it is the best it can be.

Here are a few tips on how to make your garage sale a success this summer.


Set a Date for Your Sale:
You first want to find date(s) to have your garage sale, and schedule it a few weeks out. That way you have time to sort, repair, test, label and count all the items that you want to include in the sale. It is also important to be informed if there is going to be a citywide rummage sale. This will bring more traffic to your sale if people are out and about for multiple other sales.

Cleaning House:
When cleaning out areas of your home, use the Keep, Sell, and Trash system. Get three boxes and start filling them for each category. This also helps when putting the items you plan to keep in an open and empty space for organizing. Make sure all items are functional or can be repaired. If it can be repaired, but you choose to not repair it before sale, make sure to state that and have the price be slightly lower.

Don’t Crowd the Street:
It’s called a garage sale for a reason, so don’t have items overflow onto the street or block sidewalks, as this can be a violation of the ordinances in your specific area.

Multi-Family Garage Sale:
Don’t have enough items to sell on your own? Garage sales are often more than just one family. Ask your friends if they want to sell their items in the sale as well. Be sure to initial your items so that you get the money for your items that sold.

Make sure you have enough price labels and blank labels for all your items. These can be bought at the dollar store or any office supply store. You can also use the items you have at home to make price stickers/labels. Take a permanent marker and some masking tape and start pricing!

How to Price Your Items

Name Your Price:
Try to remember to not be too sentimental with the value of your items and end up over pricing them. If you are having troubles pricing something, ask a friend or family member what they think is a reasonable price to pay. For bigger items you can do a current value search online to be able to accurately price it.

Make sure that all the prices are able to be seen and not searched for. Place "buy more to save more" signs around items, like baby clothes, books and toys. Make bigger price tags for bigger items and state the condition or any damages to them. Shoppers are more likely to buy a bigger item if they know the price right away.


You can advertise you are having a garage sale in a few different ways. You can put out an ad in the newspaper, hang signs at local businesses, and post on social media. All of these are good ways to advertise to all audiences. If you are posting on social media, have the post be shareable for your friends to help you advertise, and if you are a part of any community sale groups be sure to post in there as well.

Day of the Sale Tips

Have Change:
Having the right amount of change is important. If your prices range from $.25 to $1.00, make sure you have enough coins to be able to hand back change. Also, have a few bigger bills for people who pay with a $20.00 bill, but the total is low.

Everyone wants to make a deal and save money. If a customer wants to negotiate, let them, but remember to stick to your guns if the price gets too low.

Set Up:
Make sure to set up your sale in an organized manner. The easier it is for buyers to get around and go through things the more appealing it will be to buy.

Unsold Items:
This might be something that you plan before the day of the sale, but figure out where all your unsold items are going to go. Locate area shelters and organizations that will pick up the items to distribute to families or other people in need.

Enjoying the Profits

Once you are done, count up the cash and split it among sellers based on the items sold and do a happy dance. You did it! Put that money in an emergency fund, or use it to buy pizza for everyone who helped out.

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