Top Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door


Top Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

Many think that having an insulated garage door only helps keep your garage warmer in the winter months. However, in truth, there are many great benefits to having an insulated garage door you want to consider when buying a new garage door.

Energy & Money Saver

Having an insulated garage serves as a barrier from the elements during both winter and summer months. During the winter it can reduce heat loss through the garage by more than 70 percent. It also keeps your garage and everything in it much cooler during the summer months by blocking out hot air. This helps in lower costs when heating and cooling your home, which ultimately helps you save money.


An insulated garage door also helps extend the battery of your car and other machinery you store in your garage. A car battery works best between 30 and 90 degrees; therefore, having an insulated garage door that keeps out the cold and the heat will make a difference in the function of your battery.

An insulated garage door also protects against the freezing temperatures that can damage vehicles and other items stored in your garage. The cold temperatures that we experience in the Midwest can damage expensive machinery. Choosing to have an insulated garage door will save you money from making unnecessary repairs caused by cold temperatures.

Durability & Quietness

When you go roller-skating and are geared up, do you notice that knee and elbow pads are made up of both plastic and insulation? Think of wearing these pads without the insulation, they would protect you only to a certain point and not well. An insulated garage door works the same way; an insulated garage door is more durable than their uninsulated counterparts. Your insulated door will be able to withstand (most) things that are thrown at it without causing damage.

An insulated door is actually much quieter than if it were uninsulated. Although the noise isn’t the most important factor when deciding to get an insulated door, it certainly is a benefit.  Insulated garage doors are more often than not made of steel, much like the Overhead Door Thermacore® garage doors. These doors feature a sandwich-like construction of steel-polyurethane-steel. From a technical aspect, the higher the R-Value the better it will keep the garage’s air in or out. For example, the Overhead Door Thermacore® has an R-Value of 12.76 for an enhanced thermal function and efficiency.  

Wind Load

In addition to having an insulated garage door, you can also add on the WindStorm™ wind load rated system that helps meet regulations for a variety of wind speeds, ensuring that your door is built to withstand varying wind conditions, including hurricane-force winds, and to help meet the most stringent local building codes.

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