Garage and Home Security

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Garage and Home Security

Every year, countless families become victims of burglary, with approximately 88% of burglaries occurring in residential areas.  The top areas of entry are front door, first-floor window, back door, and garage. According to the FBI: Criminal Justice Information Services Division, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds, so that means by the time you finish reading this post about 16 homes will have been burglarized.

Burglaries can happen almost any time, whether you are home or not. However, it is more common for a home to be robbed between the times of 6am and 6pm. This is usually the time when you are at work or running errands, which makes it easier for someone to avoid unwanted attention with no one home.

Home Burglary Facts:

  • Most burglaries do not last longer than 10 minutes.
  • Burglars tend to go for the master bedroom first.
  • The average property loss is $2,251.
  • Someone is home 3 out of 10 burglaries.

Hearing these kinds of statistics can be scary. That is why we are going to provide you with a few tips, for not only your garage, but your home as well, to help prevent burglary and to make you feel safe at home.

Your Garage Door Opener

One small thing you can do is not leave your garage door opener in your car. If someone were to break into your car, they could potentially go straight to your home with that garage door opener. One way to accomplish this is to invest in a keychain remote opener or a keyless garage door opener. They tend not to be overly expensive and are often super user friendly. This is a quick alternative to the visor garage opener.

Keep Your Doors Locked

Even with your garage door being the first line of defense, it’s important to keep your door that connects your home to your garage locked when you are asleep or not home. The extra few seconds at the end of your day spent locking your door may save you thousands of dollars.

Close Your Garage Door

Don’t leave your garage door open when you leave or it is unattended. It’s also important to keep valuable equipment or other items out of sight. The more someone can see, the more attracted they will be to your home. If you happen to have a garage code, share with the least amount of people possible. It also might be wise to change it periodically to prevent it from being stolen.

Home Security System

Invest in a Home Security System and advertise that you have one. Burglars often stay away from homes that they assume have a security system.

A home without a system is 300% more likely to be broken into than a home with a system. Some insurance agencies may have discounts for insurance when a home security system is installed. Check with your insurance company for further information and availability.

A Working Garage Door

Keeping up on the maintenance of your garage door will save you money more ways than one. Not only will it save you money on your garage door itself, but having an up-to-date garage door could help prevent your home from getting burglarized. Therefore, it is important to schedule that annual maintenance appointment to make sure that your door not only opens, but stays closed when needed.

The main thing to take away from this is that crime happens, so don’t be a victim. Take the necessary steps and precautions to make your garage and home as safe as possible for you.



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