Summer Maintenance Tips


Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer weather is right around the corner! It's time to knock off those winter cobwebs and scratch off a few of those home improvement and maintenance jobs before the summer block parties and activities.

On the list of things to maintain around the house, your garage door should be one of them. Reason being is that the harsh Midwest winters can be brutal to a lot of things around your house, including your garage door.

Overall Function

Check the overall function of the door first. This can help you figure out what needs to be done before you start the maintenance of the door.

Do a visual check of the hardware of the door to see if any rust or corrosion has developed over the winter. It's important to use lithium grease on the operator chain. Make sure to wipe away excess/dirty grease first before applying the new grease. Lubricate all other hardware,if needed, with 5W-30 motor oil. Use a clean cloth and dampen with the lubricant. Make sure to wipe away excess, as too much lubricant can cause damage as well. Remember, DO NOT use WD-40. This lubricant is actually worse for your garage door than anything. By lubricating all door hardware, screeches and other noises can often be eliminated. If you are in need of spring repair or replacement, contact us to set up a service repair appointment.

Take a look at the tracks of the door and make sure that no debris is in the way, causing the door to slow down, make noise or not work at all.


Be sure to check for any damage that might have occurred during the winter. This can include cracks or holes in the door, cracks in the weather-stripping, or other visible damage. If you have experience fixing these issues, be sure to repair them to keep all belongings in the garage safe. If you need help fixing these issues, please contact us.

The Photo Eye

The photo eye sensor is what is used to close your garage door, as well as stop the door if an object obstructs its path. Take a clean cloth or duster to wipe away any cobwebs or debris that may have collected during the winter.

Check the function as well. While the door is in motion, take a broom and cover the eye, breaking the beam. The garage door should stop moving and reverse to a fully open position immediately. If it does not, please call to schedule a maintenance appointment.

A Clean Door

Simply keeping your door clean helps with curb appeal, but also keeps the door in proper shape. Dirt, grease, grime and salt residue can build up over time. Take water and a mild household detergent and clean the surface of the door, both on the inside and outside.

Seasonal maintenance is important to keep your door functioning properly and to save you money. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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