General Maintenance on Your Garage Door

General Maintenance On Garage Door

General maintenance; a necessity to keep machines working at their best. Your garage door may not be one of those things that comes to mind as something that really needs it, but it is important. Having general maintenance done regularly on your door will often save yourself a headache and money.

When is Prime Time to Have Maintenance Performed?

It is recommended that maintenance be performed before winter. Why? Winter weather can be a little crazy and unpredictable, and cause issues with your home and garage door that they are not necessarily use to. The often extreme temperatures tend to make things worse if they are not maintained properly. The best way to make sure that your garage door stays efficient and working is to stay ahead of the game. It’s like maintenance on your car, you don’t skip the oil change when the light goes comes on. It’s the same concept for your garage door, yearly ‘check-ups’ keep it in shape.

So, how does general maintenance help prevent worse issues later?

There are a lot of benefits if you maintain your garage, one major benefit is that your door will be properly lubricated. Proper lubrication will make things easier when winter brings those cold temperatures. In many cases cold weather can make your door dry out, which can make preexisting issues worse. During your yearly ‘checkup’ everything is covered to make sure you are healthy, right? Well, the same goes for your garage door, all things will be inspected for wear and damage. Some things might need replacing, like the weather seals, so it’s important to get these replaced before the weather gets super cold. Like any piece of machinery, other things will need to be replaced over time. The springs are one because they can weaken, which is totally normal. However without preventative maintenance to catch it early, they can break causing the door to fall. Most times, during the inspection they can see the damage and fix it before it becomes a major issue.

One thing to remember over all else, is that spending a little extra cash now will help you save money in the long run. Now depending on how often you use your garage door, we recommend scheduling general maintenance at least annually.

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