Way to Accent Your Garage Door and Increase Curb Appeal


Way to Accent Your Garage Door and Increase Curb Appeal

Stylizing your garage door, outside of the type of door you choose, can increase your curb appeal. Adding embellishments to your garage can not only stylize your home, but also tie in your garage to the rest of your home.

As a part of freshening things up for fall, here are a few ways to accent your garage door.

Green is Good

If you love landscaping and overall have a very plant and nature friendly home, then adding some greenery around your garage door will have your garage door matching the rest of your home. You have a lot of creative freedom as to what plants, vines, and shrubbery you want to add around your door. There are lots of ideas including adding potted plants between garage doors if you have double doors, or adding vine plants such as wisteria, climbing hydrangea or bougainvillea to the surrounding area of the garage.


These are a great multipurpose addition to your garage. They are completely customizable too, so you can get just the right size and design you want. Additionally, they provide shade, and if you want to add the greenery, this is a good place to house them. It also can make a bold architectural statement, which ultimately increases curb appeal.

Brighten with Lights

Having lighting around your garage door can make a huge difference for your home's appeal. There are so many lighting options available today that you can customize and tailor them to your home style. Whether you choose lantern style LEDs, gas lamps, or modern solar lights, adding lighting can brighten your home and make it stand out from others in your neighborhood.


Accenting your garage with natural stone is considered one of the more sophisticated ways to fancy-up your garage. With all the variety that comes with natural stone, you can pick and choose your palette of colors. You can choose to have the stone be 1/3 the way up the door alongside the frame, or even decide to cover your entire garage with stone. You can play with patterns and rock placement.

All the Hardware

With our DoorView Garage Door Designer, you are able to pick and choose not only the hardware you want on your door, but the placement as well. Each model and collection have different options for you to choose from, and you can take a picture of your home or use one of the preloaded images to see exactly what it will look like on your home.

Adding a few embellishments to your garage door can give an added architectural presence as well as make your home closer to nature. Be sure to check out all of our garage door collections and design your perfect garage door with our DoorView Garage Door Designer.

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