Your Garage has a lot of Potential

Winterize Your Garage Door

Your Garage has a lot of Potential

There comes a time when things start to pile up, and we start running out of room in closets, basements, or spare rooms. If you are only using your garage for your car, you are missing out on a lot of potential storage space. If you make a plan for the space in your garage, you can reclaim one of the largest open areas in your home.

Sorting it out

Whenever you clean or go through things, you sort things in a method that you find useful. When going to organize your garage, try organizing on uses. For example, if you have a hoe, a rake, and other gardening tools, place those together. Sorting based on use or activity can make it easier to access and find in a quick and logical manner.

Storage Options

Once you have sorted through most or all of your items, you can start to plan on the type of storage you want to use. You can either purchase from the many options a retail store might have, or you can expand your options and skills and can come up with a storage system of your own. However, if you choose to create your own storage system, it is important to know how to use power tools safely and to get the correct materials. If you don’t know how to use such things, find a friend or family member who does to help you out to avoid injury.

When it comes to deciding on how you want to store things, remember a few of these tips. For larger objects or items, look into pegboards. Not only are these unlimitedly adjustable, but they can help in storing larger things without having to take up a lot of space. Standard shelving units can be used for smaller things. Make sure to keep your items in their respective groups. You can buy crates or bins that can be labeled for even more organization.

It’s also important to consider what items you use most and which are only used on occasion or for special projects. Having fast access to things you use on almost a daily basis, over having to dig through things that you might not use all that often, is important.

Wall Space

Using your wall space as effectively as you can is important. The more things you can put on the wall without it being too cluttered will give you more space for other things in your garage. As mentioned, a pegboard is a good route to go, or you can always go with nails or wall hooks. Just remember to hang the correct size hooks so they don’t fall with a heavier object.

Ceiling has space too

Your garage ceiling can be used as another great source of space. Open your garage door and look to see where it opens. That way you can map out where to put things without it interfering with your door.

Is labeling for you?

You don’t need to label anything if you don’t want, but for easy finding, labeling might be a good option. Or if you really want to go above and beyond you can create a map of your garage and label where everything is in your garage. Find a system that you can easily manipulate and control and works best for you and your brain. It may not make sense to someone else, but as long as you can understand it, that is all that matters.

What do you want to do?

Using your garage as storage has a lot of potential. Having a solid plan on how to go about organizing things will help in making the process fast and easy. Use these tips to help organize and create storage before winter arrives.




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