What to Expect During Your Garage Door Installation


What to Expect During Your Garage Door Installation

If you’ve determined you would like to go with The Overhead Door brand product, you will need to contact our office to set up a sales call. A salesperson will schedule an appointment to come out and take field measurements. They will then bring that information back to the office to work up a price quote. Quotes typically are provided to the customer within 24 hours of the appointment.

Once the quote is approved (signed, dated and returned) the salesperson will collect payment information for a ½ down deposit and can give a better idea on lead time based on the garage door model, the finish and current schedule. Typical lead time is 4 weeks from the date of order but can go up to 6 weeks for special order products.

After the door(s) arrive, they are inspected for any damage, and then the salesperson will call to set up the date of installation. The amount of time expected for installation will be explained during that phone call as well. The average time to install a new door is about 6 hours if there is an existing door to be removed. If there is an operator to be installed along with the door, then you would add about 2 more hours. Expect to have the technician(s) on site for most of the day. We don’t require anyone to be home for installation/replacement as we don’t want to disrupt anyone’s schedule.

We start in the morning, so you can expect our trucks to arrive by about 8:30 am. Make sure to have your garage clear and clean so the installer has room to work.

Once the job is complete, we will send an invoice for the balance owed. This payment can be made by calling in to our office, mailing a check or via online bill payment.

Buying and installing a garage door is a big deal, and we want to make sure that it is as seamless and easy as possible for you. If you would like to discuss or see door options, please stop into our showroom at 1100 S. Huron Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311.

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