Winter is Coming...

Winterize Your Garage Door

Winter is Coming...

Midwest winters can be brutal, especially for those things that can freeze due to extreme temperatures, one of them being your garage door. Therefore, before the cold weather and the snow arrives, make sure to include your garage door when you winterize your home, and schedule your annual maintenance appointment to ensure your garage door is working properly.


The first thing that you should check, not just before winter, but any time of the year, is the battery on your garage door remote. The batteries typically only last about a year, so it is important that you keep extra batteries on hand in case they stop working.

If you happen to have an external keypad, make sure you check the batteries for that also. These batteries are typically 9-volt batteries.  Look underneath the keypad cover to see where they are housed. You will likely need a screwdriver to get it open. The battery itself should last a long time, but because it is exposed to more extreme weather, it is important to check it on a yearly basis.

Springs, Tracks, Hinges and Rollers

The springs get used every time you open and close your door, and over time, they will have normal wear and tear. You will need to check them for proper function before it gets too cold. To do this, you will need to disable your automatic garage door opening mechanism. Then, try to open it using only one hand.  If you can do it easily, it should be good to go; if not, it’s important to contact us for a service request to determine the course of action before it gets too cold.

When metal and moisture mix, it often leads to rust or parts that just refuse to move. The best way to make sure that this does not happen is to lubricate the metal parts. This includes springs, tracks, hinges and rollers. It is very easy to do, all you have to do is:

    • Use a dry, clean piece of fabric to remove any of the old lubricant and built-up rust.
    • Choose an oil lubricant such 10W-30 motor oil, which you can purchase from any local retailer, and apply sparingly. You should wipe up the extra oil with a clean and dry cloth.
    • Never use anything like WD-40, because that is a degreaser and not an oil.
    • Also avoid using grease on the tracks, you want your rollers to roll instead of sliding in the track.

Garage Door Opener

Another important thing to check is the auto-reverse mechanism of your garage door opener. There are two different kinds of automatic reversal systems.  The first is the photoelectric. If this is the system you have, you should see two encased units about four inches off the ground. Put your foot in front of one to break the beam while the door is closing.  The door should stop and reverse. If it does not, then the units are probably not aligned the way they need to be. If this is an issue, one of our service techs should be able to fix this problem.

The second system is the mechanical automatic reversal system. To check this system, place a two-by-four across your garage door’s threshold and press the button to close the garage door. The door should touch the wood, stop and reverse. If not, our service team can help with this as well.

Now is the perfect time of year to schedule annual maintenance prior to the cold hitting. Give us a call at 920-393-1393 or click the link below to request service. Although, this won’t prevent a spring or other parts from breaking due to wear, it does help a door run better when it’s properly oiled & adjusted.




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