The Pros and Cons of an Attached Garage

Cost Vs. Value

The Pros and Cons of an Attached Garage

When building a home or upgrading your current home, there are a lot of important decisions to make. That includes the decisions about your garage. Over the years, garages have become standard with most houses as they offer many benefits, mainly protecting your car. Many homeowners who don’t have garages will debate on whether one is necessary to add on or to start shopping for a new home that has one.

When making these decisions, it is important to think about whether you prefer an attached or detached garage.

An Overview

Attached garages didn’t become popular until the 1950s. Most of the homes that were built before then do not have attached garages unless there was one added during a remodel. With the popularity growing over the last half-century, there are many pros and cons to having one. Let’s take a look at a few.


  1. They are often easier to build. If you are adding one to your home or are starting from scratch, they tend to be simpler and cost-effective.
  2. Easy access. This is probably the most common reason to have an attached garage. It’s more convenient and time-efficient.
  3. Avoiding the weather. Northeast Wisconsin weather can vary from moderate to severe, especially in the winter.  With an attached garage you can avoid it. While some outdoor shoveling might still be needed, parking your car in the attached garage allows you that easy access without going out in the weather and saves you the time to clean off your car before work in the morning.
  4. Often allows more yard space. Unlike detached garages, an attached garage does not take up much yard space. This allows for pets and children to take advantage of the space to play. Also, saving the space can allow you to have other things like a garden, swimming pool or trampoline.
  5. Cheaper utilities. Since you have utilities already set up in your home, it is much simpler and cheaper to extend them into your garage if it is attached.


  1. Higher security risks. Most burglars gain entry to the home by access through the garage. That’s why an attached garage does bring along more security risks, as it is a direct path to your home.
  2. Can be difficult to build in some neighborhoods. With some neighborhoods’ homes being built very close together, they often only offer a narrow or small backyard space. With limited space like this and a narrow driveway, a detached garage may be the better option.
  3. Aesthetic. Homes that are older may look odd with a newer or more modern attached garage. It can also be difficult to add one.

There are many pros and cons to attached garages, but it’s important to remember that decisions like this are made based on your needs and requirements.

Be sure to contact us if and when you decide to upgrade your garage door or build an attached or detached garage. We hope to help you get the best quality garage door with exceptional service.



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